Express Yourself

This lesson covers the Wiggle, Time and LoopOut expressions I covered in class, as well as a few additional expressions (including a way to control expressions with keyframes).

Here’s the exact way you need to type the expressions used in the above video:

  • wiggle(6,30)
  • time*360
  • loopOut()

Change the numbers in the above examples to suit your need.

3D Lighting

A comprehensive tutorial introducing the use of 3D lights, and explaining the difference between the various types of lights available in After Effects.

Assignment #4 – TV/YouTube/Netflix or movie opening.

Here’s a link to the instructions for assignment # 4

To help you prepare, here’s an article showcasing a few popular TV show openings:

Here’s a more recent compilation of popular openings from 2021:

And here’s another article highlighting a few excellent film credit sequences: