Multimedia Graphics & Animation – Spring 2019

The Puppet Pin Tool

Here’s a great tool to bring illustrations and photos to life.

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Masking 101

How to mask (cut out) elements in After Effects. This example uses a JPG, but the concept can also be applied to text, solid layers, and even video clips.

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After Effects YouTube tutorials (that don’t suck).

If you’re bored, or just want more resources to learn as much about After Effects as you can, give these links a try.

Try to stick to the basics until you get comfortable with using the software, and don’t forget – you can reach out for help anytime.

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Adding effects

Putting the “Effects” in After Effects…

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Keyframing 101

This tutorial will provide you with an introduction to keyframing (animation) in After Effects.

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After Effects – The interface

Here’s an introductory tutorial, briefly covering the interface (windows, menus, etc,) of Adobe After Effects.

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Spring 2019

Welcome! Please bookmark this site. All class lessons, resources, and other information will be posted here on a weekly basis.

Here is a link to the syllabus

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My email address is, and additional contact info is located in the syllabus.

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