Multimedia Graphics & Animation – Spring 2017

Multiplane…in space!

Today’s lesson is about setting up a multiplane environment. In the tutorial, I use just a few effects in AE to create a vast space (literally), and fly a 3D camera through it. Sit back, because it’s a long one…


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Green Screen / Chroma-Keying in After Effects

This tutorial shows how to use masks and the Keylight effect to produce an effective green screen project.


Here are some files you can use to practice with.

In addition, this link will provide additional resources for free-to-download green screen videos:

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Green Screen usage

Here’s a compilation video that shows how TV shows extensively use green screen:

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3D Lighting

A comprehensive tutorial introducing the use of 3D lights, and explaining the difference between the various types of lights available in After Effects. Don’t forget to watch in fullscreen, and set the quality to HD.



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Building a 3D Environment

How to make floors, a wall and a ceiling, using solid layers and images.

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An introduction to particles in After Effects, using the Particle Systems II effect to cover concepts and workflow.

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Intro to 3D

How to create (and animate) 3D layers and cameras.

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Top TV Title Sequences (inspiration for TV intro assignment)

To help you prepare for assignment # 4, here’s an article showcasing The 10 Best TV Opening Credits of 2015:

And here’s another article highlighting the best 5 TV show title sequences 2014.

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How to export a movie from After Effects

A brief, but very important, tutorial. Watch this to understand how to get your work out of After Effects, so the world can be envious of your talents…(or just so I can grade your projects).

BTW, if you hear any weird noises in the background, it’s just my dog chewing on my foot while I was recording this.

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