Multimedia Graphics & Animation – Spring 2017

Working with video in After Effects

This tutorial explains how to import, edit, play, and manipulate video clips in After Effects. Couldn’t be simpler!

Here’s a zip file, containing an assortment of clips for you to practice with.

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Keyboard shortcuts

A short tutorial that discusses a few keyboard shortcuts you should be using every day.

Additionally, here’s an interactive site that covers every single shortcut in After Effects (as well as a few additional applications). Just make sure you choose the correct OS.

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Sound advice (Audio in After Effects)

How to import and work with sound in After Effects, and how to manipulate layers and effects with audio properties.


If you would like to use the same files used in the above tutorial, click here to grab them.

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PSA Examples (Assignment #3)

For your 3rd assignment, you are required to produce a 15-25 second public service announcement, or PSA. Here’s one example of an effective PSA:

Here are two student-produced PSAs that use motion graphics, but (as noted in class) aren’t executed perfectly. Be careful not to forget about your audience – will they get the message?

As a reminder, the instructions for the assignment are in the links section to your right. —>

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Because of the weather – No class tonight – 2/9/17

Go out and play in the snow. Or not. In any case, I’ll see everyone 2/16.

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Masking 101

How to mask (cut out) elements in After Effects. This example uses a JPG, but the concept can also be applied to text, solid layers, and even video clips.

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The Puppet Pin Tool

Here’s a great tool to bring illustrations and photos to life.

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Assignment # 2 Examples

Examples for Assignment # 2: Animate a Photo or Illustration (modified in Photoshop) Length should be no more than 15 seconds.

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