Multimedia Graphics & Animation – Spring 2017

Text on a Path

How to place text elements on a path.

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Adding effects

Effects in After Effects.

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Keyframing 101

Introduction to keyframing (animation) in After Effects.

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After Effects – The interface

Here’s an introductory tutorial, briefly covering the interface (windows, menus, etc,) of Adobe After Effects.

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Assignment # 1 with Examples

Here is the Assignment #1 example video clip I showed in class. You can use it for inspiration, reference, or template for your own word(s).

The point of this exercise is to animate a person, place, thing, or feeling incorporating one or a few words. You can only use text and solid layers (with effects). You will work on and complete the assignment in class.

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Spring 2017

Welcome! Please bookmark this site. All class lessons, resources, and other information will be posted here on a weekly basis.

Here is a link to the syllabus

My contact email address is, and additional contact info is located in the syllabus.

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