Multimedia Graphics & Animation – Spring 2017

Assignment # 5 – Final Project

I’ve added a link (to the right) to view the final project requirements. To make sure you notice, I’m adding the same link in this post as well:


Click here to view Assignment # 5 (PDF)



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Top TV Title Sequences (inspiration for TV intro assignment)

To help you prepare for assignment # 4, here’s an article showcasing The 10 Best TV Opening Credits of 2015:

And here’s another article highlighting the best 5 TV show title sequences 2014.

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PSA Examples (Assignment #3)

For your 3rd assignment, you are required to produce a 15-25 second public service announcement, or PSA. Here’s one example of an effective PSA:

Here are two student-produced PSAs that use motion graphics, but (as noted in class) aren’t executed perfectly. Be careful not to forget about your audience – will they get the message?

As a reminder, the instructions for the assignment are in the links section to your right. —>

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Assignment # 2 Examples

Examples for Assignment # 2: Animate a Photo or Illustration (modified in Photoshop) Length should be no more than 15 seconds.

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Assignment # 1 with Examples

Here is the Assignment #1 example video clip I showed in class. You can use it for inspiration, reference, or template for your own word(s).

The point of this exercise is to animate a person, place, thing, or feeling incorporating one or a few words. You can only use text and solid layers (with effects). You will work on and complete the assignment in class.

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