How to send me stuff

Alright, so you’re working on something to show me, but now you need to get it to me. Here’s a few different options:

Youtube – upload your content to Youtube and send me a link. If you don’t want the rest of the world looking at it, set it to unlisted (NOT private, do not ever do this). – a completely free service that allows you to send up to 2GB of data to anyone, either as an email, or a generated link that you can send via text or messenger. Works on any device, including iPhones.

Google Drive – if you have a gmail account, you have this. You can upload anything here, but you do need to create a shareable link in order for me to view it. iPhone users usually have the most issues with this, so use it as a last resort if you’re using an Apple device.

There’s a million other services out there as well, and I can even hook you up with an FTP account if that word means anything to you. Stick with the list above, and you’ll have the least amount of issues.

Assignment # 1 with Examples

Here is the Assignment #1 example video clip I showed in class. You can use it for inspiration, reference, or just be amazed by it.

The point of this exercise is to animate a person, place, thing, or feeling incorporating one or a few words. You can only use text and solid layers (with effects). You will work on and complete the assignment in class.