Another phone app that might help

Adobe has an iPhone app called Spark, which allows the user to make “fun” social media videos with animated content. I’ve generally ignored it, because it’s an iPhone-exclusive app, but there’s an Android version called Spark Post, which can produce some pretty decent animation. So, regardless of what phone you have, check Adobe’s page out to see if you think there might be a benefit to using either one:

As always, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Adobe live streaming events in April

Adobe usually pushes out new versions of After Effects and Premiere in April, at the annual NAB convention. Because the expo is canceled, they have decided to livestream not only these product announcements, but also the seminars that you would normally pay (a lot!) to attend. There will probably be a heavy emphasis on Premiere, but After Effects will absolutely be involved, especially on day 4 (the guy who co-created After Effects will be hosting the livestream that day). Well worth your time to watch, so put these dates on your calendar:

And to be clear – Adobe will probably release the new After Effects on that first day. DO NOT UPGRADE. Wait until the class is over if you want to try out the new features, because Adobe products are notoriously buggy on the first day of release (especially on Macs). An update with bug fixes is always released 2-3 weeks later.

How to send me stuff

Alright, so you’re working on something to show me, but now you need to get it to me. Here’s a few different options:

Youtube – upload your content to Youtube and send me a link. If you don’t want the rest of the world looking at it, set it to unlisted (NOT private, do not ever do this). – a completely free service that allows you to send up to 2GB of data to anyone, either as an email, or a generated link that you can send via text or messenger. Works on any device, including iPhones.

Google Drive – if you have a gmail account, you have this. You can upload anything here, but you do need to create a shareable link in order for me to view it. iPhone users usually have the most issues with this, so use it as a last resort if you’re using an Apple device.

There’s a million other services out there as well, and I can even hook you up with an FTP account if that word means anything to you. Stick with the list above, and you’ll have the least amount of issues.

Walt Disney explains how 3D works in After Effects

Here’s the film I briefly mentioned last night. Please watch at your convenience, and you’ll understand (hopefully!) how After Effects interprets depth and allows two dimensional images, text and video clips to appear three-dimensional.

BTW, this YouTube video went slightly viral about a year or two ago, claiming Disney invented this process. This is completely untrue. The first known use of “multi-plane” animation was created by Lotte Reininger in the 1920s. Disney simply had the financing to scale the process up.

Mobile apps for animation and video

Here’s the list of mobile apps discussed during class on 3/26:

Picsart Animator (apparently, not so great on iPhone, but works really well for Android).
Adobe Premiere Rush
Apple iMovie

You can search for the above in the Google Play Store or the Apple App store. Obviously, iMovie is Apple only.