Zoom session 4/16/20

Wow, I didn’t realize we went 2 and a half hours this week. I’ll keep it shorter next week. Don’t forget to email me your project idea(s), and have some progress to show me by next week.

Express Yourself

This lesson covers the Wiggle, Time and LoopOut expressions I covered in class, as well as a few additional expressions (including a way to control expressions with keyframes).

Here’s the exact way you need to type the expressions used in the above video:

  • wiggle(6,30)
  • time*360
  • loopOut()

Change the numbers in the above examples to suit your need.

Zoom session invite for all classes

As promised, here’s the invite for EVERY class for the rest of the semester. So, bookmark this link, or just remember to check the link on knight3d.com/ncc every Thursday. It should not change, unless something goes horribly wrong (in addition to, say, a pandemic shutting down every country on Earth).

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 836 947 053
Password: 024305

The session will open up at 5:30PM, but I won’t get started until 6PM. Feel free to drop in early. I have it scheduled for 3 hours, but I don’t think it will go that long. Nobody wants to stare at my face for 3 hours.
If you have any questions, give me a shout!

Even if you do NOT have access to the Adobe software suite, you should still join in, as I will be splitting the class time for everyone. Don’t be late, because – as always – I will start the class with a discussion about what you’ve been watching while stuck at home/work/in your underground bunker.

Zoom session 4/2/20

Here’s the Zoom recording from the 4/2 class (particles, etc). It seems Zoom does NOT like multiple recording sessions, and when I clicked record on the second login, it deleted everything from the first – which in plain English means the first 15 minutes of the class are missing. I won’t repeat that mistake next week!!

(Because of the screw-up, the recording starts 2 minutes in, and it’s missing the first 15 minutes or so).