You have until 6PM 5/7/20 to send me an MP4 of your final project. You can also upload it to YouTube and send me a link. I will reach out to anyone that has not contacted me by Tuesday afternoon with a progress report. If you complete your project prior to Thursday, you can submit it early for feedback and then resubmit it on Thursday if there’s anything I think you can improve (time permitting).

I will send out a Blackboard announcement tomorrow re-iterating this information.

Make up class on Saturday 4/10

Alright power is back on, and I’ve received a bunch of responses regarding the make up class. I’ve decided to hold two sessions:

1. Saturday (4/10) – 11AM-12PM (and I can stay later for anyone who doesn’t want to leave at exactly noon).

2. Saturday (4/10) – 4-6PM. Yes, it’s longer, because more students seem to prefer this time slot, so it will need to go a bit longer.

3. Sunday (4/12) -10PM. Approx. 1 hour. This session will not be recorded and is a repeat of the Saturday session for those who could not make it.

The Saturday recording is posted (scroll up).

If you would prefer to have a private session (especially if you want to discuss your final project), hit me up – email: and phone: 484-550-8991

If I lose power again, or something else catastrophic happens that prevents me from holding either of these 2 sessions, I will send out an additional announcement.

Quick note on Zoom recordings

Okay, after doing a bit more research, I will be recording future Zoom sessions a bit differently. First, there won’t be anything missing(!), and you can now watch them on YouTube (exactly the same as the regular tutorials/videos I post here). This also allows me to get them to you more quickly (probably within 20 minutes of the class ending).

I’ve already converted the first two classes, so let me know if you are having any issues/concerns/questions regarding this change.

FREE Adobe software access!

Go here:

Follow the process described exactly, and you should be able to download and install all the software you need, including After Effects. For those without access to a Windows or Apple laptop/desktop, do this anyway, and install Adobe Premiere Rush on your smartphone (if you can). This is one of the alternative apps I’m including as part of the “new and improved” online curriculum.

Moving forward

Hi all,

another brief update. You should have received some information from the school today, as well as a separate email from Mario regarding the future of media production classes. After discussing the class with a few of you – and Mario – I’ve decided to do TWO things.

1. I will continue the class as-is (well, as close to it) for those of you who have the capability to use After Effects (and other Adobe software) outside of class. In addition to posting tutorials on this website, I will be hosting live zoom sessions during regular class hours, and you can always continue communication via email and text/phone.

2. I’m developing an additional (and very different) curriculum to use free apps that work on any smartphone (Android or iPhone), which I have to assume you all use. This will be for the students that can’t use After Effects, and will focus on how you would incorporate animation to produce marketable social media content. This is going to be a bit tricky, but I’ll have far more details for this option later this week (and before the next class session on 3/26/19).

If you think neither of these two options will work for you, I recommend you contact the school as soon as you can to discuss what else can be done (including withdrawal). I will support any decision you make, and will try to answer as many questions as I can – or refer you to the people who I believe will have the answers you need.

So, baby steps. I’ll be posting more specific information later this week. I will work as hard as I can to ensure you continue to get the most out of this class, and look forward to seeing how creative everyone can be, given the extreme limitations put on all of us right now. I also understand that this class is completely insignificant, compared to the reality that is going on around you (and me) right now. I will gladly address any issues you might face between now and May, and highly recommend you reach out to me with any questions. This message will be sent out via email as well, so if you’re reading this twice, now you know why.