You have until 6PM 5/7/20 to send me an MP4 of your final project. You can also upload it to YouTube and send me a link. I will reach out to anyone that has not contacted me by Tuesday afternoon with a progress report. If you complete your project prior to Thursday, you can submit it early for feedback and then resubmit it on Thursday if there’s anything I think you can improve (time permitting).

I will send out a Blackboard announcement tomorrow re-iterating this information.

The end is nigh…

Now that we’re nearing the end of the semester, take a few hours to BACK YOUR STUFF UP. Don’t rely on a single flash drive or hard drive to get you through an entire semester. Google Drive is your friend.

Zoom session 4/16/20

Wow, I didn’t realize we went 2 and a half hours this week. I’ll keep it shorter next week. Don’t forget to email me your project idea(s), and have some progress to show me by next week.

Express Yourself

This lesson covers the Wiggle, Time and LoopOut expressions I covered in class, as well as a few additional expressions (including a way to control expressions with keyframes).

Here’s the exact way you need to type the expressions used in the above video:

  • wiggle(6,30)
  • time*360
  • loopOut()

Change the numbers in the above examples to suit your need.