Multimedia Graphics & Animation – Fall 2019

Express Yourself

This lesson covers the Wiggle and LoopOut expressions I covered in class, as well as a few additional expressions (including a way to control expressions with keyframes).

Here’s the exact way you need to type the expressions used in the above video:

  • wiggle(6,30)
  • time*360
  • loopOut()

Change the numbers in the above examples to suit your need.

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The end is nigh…

Now that we’re nearing the end of the semester, take a few hours to BACK YOUR STUFF UP. Don’t rely on a single flash drive or hard drive to get you through an entire semester. Google Drive is your friend.

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Motion Tracking

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use the 3D camera tracker in After Effects, in order to realistically “glue” new elements (like text or images) to existing video footage.

You can download video clips to practice on here.

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Learn how to pre-compose (or precomp) to speed up your After Effects workflow.

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Assignment # 5 – Final Project

I’ve added a link (to the right) to view the final project requirements. To make sure you notice, I’m adding the same link in this post as well:


Click here to view Assignment # 5 (PDF)



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Adobe software update warning!

As I mentioned last week, Adobe has officially started rolling out their 2020 software update, which includes an all new version of After Effects. Although there’s no harm in updating, it will mean any projects you create outside of class will not be editable in the media lab. NCC will not update Adobe software automatically, and probably won’t get around to it until next Summer. If you want fewer headaches, don’t update After Effects until after you’ve submitted your final project in December.

If you have any questions about this – especially if you ignored my warning and updated anyway and you’re now freaking out and having an existential crisis and possibly considering sheep herding for a living instead of media production – don’t hesitate to give me a shout.

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CLICK HERE to download the materials used in the zombie tutorial.



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Green Screen / Chroma-Keying in After Effects

This tutorial shows how to use masks and the Keylight effect to produce an effective green screen project.


Click here to download files you can practice with.

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Building a 3D Environment

How to make floors, a wall and a ceiling, using solid layers and images.

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3D Lighting

A comprehensive tutorial introducing the use of 3D lights, and explaining the difference between the various types of lights available in After Effects.



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