Multimedia Graphics & Animation – Fall 2017

Express Yourself

This lesson covers the Wiggle, Time, and LoopOut expressions, as well as the Slider Control effect.

Here’s the exact way you need to type the expressions used in the above video:

  • wiggle(6,30)
  • time*360
  • loopOut()

Change the numbers in the above examples to suit your need.

In addition, here is the text file to copy and paste the “bounce” expression into any keyframed parameter.

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Assignment # 5 – Final Project

I’ve added a link (to the right) to view the final project requirements. To make sure you notice, I’m adding the same link in this post as well:


Click here to view Assignment # 5 (PDF)



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Motion Tracking part 1

In this first part of motion tracking tutorials, I’ll show you how to use the camera tracker in After Effects, in order to realistically “glue” new elements (like text or images) to existing camera footage.

You can download video clips to practice on here.

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Green Screen / Chroma-Keying in After Effects

This tutorial shows how to use masks and the Keylight effect to produce an effective green screen project.


Here are some files you can use to practice with.

In addition, this link will provide additional resources for free-to-download green screen videos:

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Click here to download the materials used in the zombie tutorial.

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Green Screen usage

Here’s a compilation video that shows how TV shows extensively use green screen:

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Building a 3D Environment

How to make floors, a wall and a ceiling, using solid layers and images.

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3D Lighting

A comprehensive tutorial introducing the use of 3D lights, and explaining the difference between the various types of lights available in After Effects.



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Intro to 3D

How to create (and animate) 3D layers and cameras.

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Adobe CC 2018 release (and warning)

Just a quick note that Adobe released a big update to After Effects (and other Adobe software) today. If you choose to update, please bear in mind that you will have a hard time moving project files back and forth between your new software and the iMacs in the media lab (which won’t receive this update until January).

In other words, if you want to upgrade, please speak to me first!

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